Imperfect World

It is second time I am seeing vedio of this insane person from India. Such assertions were even made by ex Army Chief of India Gen VP Singh. These clips invoke responses of rage and bluster from us. In actual fact we should play cool. Enemies are deterred by strong capabilities and not by furore. Let me assure you this stooge need not be told that if they do what he is suggesting, then what all Pakistan can do? Indian vulnerabilities are ten times more than Pakistan. ISI is ten times more capable than RAW. If they put one inch of Pakistan on fire, we shall pay back with much higher penalty.

They already have tried all this and miserably failed. He sould rather suggest to his own leadership on how to put out fire in India. The fire which is of their own making. If Pakistan adds a bit of fuel to this blazing fire we shall covert it into an inferno. The leadership of India is much better aware than awareness of this chic.

2 thoughts on “Imperfect World”

  1. This is the true face of so called secular state.

    They were behind the uncertainty in Karachi & are being badly defeated by the Pakistan Soldiers of Peace.

    India has enough fire & Extremism spread by its own such elements,No other country needs to bother and waste the sources !

    #India Stop Terrorism in Kashmir

    #India Leave Kashmir


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