Hira Cave Makkah Makarma

Inspite of having been blessed to enter Kaaba and also go to its roof, this was first time I, along with my sons climbed Mt Alnoor to visit Hira Cave on last day of 2019. The experience was outlandish. Saudis have obliterated memories of the Prophet (PBUH) with reasons best known to them, however Cave is the only site still intact in it’s original from. Whereas Holy Prophet (PBUH) tops the list of most influential people of the world, Hira Cave is the most captivating site which transformed the most influential personality of the world. The uniqueness, secludidness, solitariness and arduousness (of the climb) is amazing. Selection of site for the most revealing truth of the world is thought provoking. Prophet (PBUH) retreated to this cave for meditation. Some time his stay spanned over a month. Its here that truth began to be revealed. It started with dreams and on the Night of Power Angle Gabriel ascended with first revelation. The climb to the cave is a bit tough but strongly recommended for able bodied Muslims. It can take 30 to 90 mins (we took 22 mins). After reaching the peak one has to descend approximately a score of stairs. The most interesting part is access to the cave. There are two narrow alleys between rocks. One is so narrow to raise concerns of getting stuck. One has to do jugglery of bones to get through. The cave is not closed at other end. It’s rather a narrow space between rocks with openings at both ends. Wind flows freely through the cave due to venturi effect. Its awe inspiring to enter the place where Muhammad (PBUH) became a prophet. The relationship between site and person is amazing. Allah chose the most rugged, secluded, tough and challenging site for the person He loves the most. May be owing to it’s original form it gives very strong feelings to be there at the site. Allah may bless all to be at the place.