Geography of Pakistan

Above is a link of 19 minutes clip on the subject. Optimists will see it positive and pessimists negative. I shall call it balanced and an excellent depiction. The style, content and knowledge is marvelous thus strongly recommended. The clip also retells, how well Pakistan is blessed – albeit betrayed by our incompetence. In the reemerging geopolitics, Pakistan’s geography is getting preeminence. Rise of China which is inhibited by geographic limitations and contested by the US has rendered greater importance to geography of Pakistan. The regions occupied by Pakistan were first traversed by Alexander the great for an access to the subcontinent. Second time these regions became areas of contestation between British Empire and Soviet Empire in early part of 20th century. After creation of Pakistan, in 70/80s these regions became battle grounds for Cold War between the US and USSR. Yet another time in the start of 21st century these regions saw worst of bloodshed due to Global War on Terror. Thus, in modern times merely in nine decades Pakistan’s geography has come into lime light four times because of rivalry of two giants. However, unlike past three times which involved fighting and destruction, this time it’s for growth and development but with inbuilt dangers of conflict. That all bespeaks of importance of geography of Pakistan. We need to brace ourselves to make best use of this blessed geography. Opportunities are blessed by Allah whereas we can convert them into blessing through hard work or curse through incompetence. Allah may bless us and Pakistan.

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