Mediation or Machination

Today, President Trump has reiterated his offer of mediation. We may get excited and overjoyed by this offer. However, actions speak louder than words. Actions speak that it’s more of machination than mediation. US doesn’t seem to be obliged to stand with the right. In overall scheme of things pampering of Modi is preference of the US and same is being done by President Trump. He has no intention of walking the talk. Making mediation offer conditional to request from India (for mediation) is a non starter right at the outset. Trump knows very well that India is never going to budge and request for mediation. He is palying shrewd. One day he goes extra extra miles and endorses Hitler of 21st century by attending his rally and next very day he is with PM of Pakistan to serve a lollipop. I have repeatedly contended that actual objective is containment of China and target is CPEC. Two centuries ago Napoleon warned, “Let China sleep; when she wakes, she will shake the world” (Graham Allison: Destined for War, Can America and China Escape Thicydides’ Trap?). Three of the four global hot spots of the day are surrounding CPEC. Any one succeeding will endanger it. Trump doesn’t feel that tipping point has come. Mere diplomacy is not raising his concerns. He isn’t willing to go beyond waiting for India’s nod for mediation. US isn’t understanding gravity and seriousness of the issue. I feel his balance is more titled towards India than Pakistan. On another hand, mediation even if agreed to can be started to have a fair deal or to seek a deal favourable to India which will also jeopardise CPEC: a common objective of the US and India. While Pakistan is endeavouring to check mate India, China isn’t getting overt to checkmate machinations of the US which are directly aimed at it. Pakistan so far has played its cards well. Tomrrow poor response of world community can be utilised as justification for own actions.

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