Rowdy Modi

US mainland has become main stage for exposure of fascist Modi. In view of callousness and turmoil he is creating, Howdy Modi should be modified as Rowdy Modi. In a volatile world, Modi is playing his dirty role of adding fuel to fire. Double standards of global powers are emboldening Modi. As it is said that history has tendency to repeat itself. Having suffered scourge of Hitler the world now led by the US is appeasing reincarnated Hitler of today’s times. Champions af human rights and justice are playing role of bystander and fiddle. In the fast changing world, dirty games of the US are getting exposed and losing potency. Seemingly within overall objective of containment of China, the US is fomenting turmoil in the Muslim world. Three hot spots of Iran, Afghanistan and IOK are surrounding Pakistan. These developments are ominous for peace in Pakistan. However, the world and India should better not test resilience of this nation. Pakistan has the potential to see off all kinds of threats. Trump’s attendance of Howdy Modi congregation sends confused and inappropriate signals. He stood by present darling of the US who was detested criminal a couple of years ago. Understandably, it’s due to unfair and unjust nature of the world, however, an unvisionary and foolish Modi will take the US down. Listened to today’s speech of Modi which seemed delusional, living in fools paradise and befooling people. In pursuit of Akhand Bharat, he is going to pave way for disintegration of present India.

1 thought on “Rowdy Modi”

  1. Modi’ RSS Approach & the demands of RSS Think tanks would ultimately help in making Continent Hell if Not being Stopped right away.


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