The Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important milestones of a human’s life. It is part of a natural and logical life cycle of a human. The most talked about relationship, marriage is considered as a social contract. It’s like a logo game without instructions. Each marriage demands peculiar set of environment. Marriage mostly turns out to be a rivalry. Even lovers once married become rivals, because both individuals pursue dominance over each other. It is a merger of two totally different species. Male and female are way different, psychologically, physically and temperamentally. The famous book, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ talks of the same. Once a male and female become partners of life they start treading on a territory unknown to each other. Variations in psychological make up start sprouting as seeds of conflict. In a society like that of Pakistan, besides two individuals contracting marriage, its marriage of two Khandaan (family). Alongside, two individuals two families start interacting with one another. Thus the reasons for conflict multiply. It is always a challenge to keep differences and reasons of conflict under control. Wish these dynamics of marriage are understood by elders as well those who get married to avoid arguments and conflict.

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