A Wakening Call

Each Independence Day we reinforce our resolve to build our beloved motherland. Many a times it is merely a lip service. Through subjugation of people of Kashmir, this time round fascist Modi has given us a wakening call. The call is meant for people of Pakistan and all human kind at large. People of Pakistan have been called to shun lip service and be ready for action and sacrifices. It’s a wakening call for the conscience of the world. Owing to exigencies of “great games” of world powers and double standards the world conscience is not likely to awake. While we continue to seek external support we ought to display self reliance. Our worthy PM has rightly called upon the world, not to appease Modi as they appeased Hitler. Hitler made the world to suffer and so will Modi do if not stopped. World community will only toe this justifiable line if it fits into their scheme of things. We people of Pakistan need to build blocks infront of Modi because he wont stop here. We need to push him back. This is mandatory to build our nation and motherland. Our overt and meaningful support to people of Kashmir is incumbent upon us. Allah may bless us courage and resolve to rise to the challenge. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

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