Theory of Relativity

US Lawmaker Apologises To Indian-Americans Over Letter On Kashmir

Indians Abroad Press Trust of India

Congressman Tom Suozzi, in a letter to Mike Pompeo, had said the action by the government in Kashmir “risks provoking mass social unrest…”

114 years ago Albert Einstein published theory of relativity – purely a scientific theory. What entices me; is its equal application and relevance in social life. One of basic concepts of theory of relativity is that platform of observer and one being observed dictates the findings. For a man standing on a platform, a fly inside a train is in motion at the speed of train however if both are inside the train, they are stationary in relation to each other. In our social life too, its equally important to see who is standing at which platform. Blood of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine has a different value as compared to blood of Americans or Israelis because both are standing on different platforms. Its a matter of reality, every one defines reality from his own perspective. An action of India is seen through a different prism than the one used to see similar action of a Muslim country. Look at action of honourable Senator of so called enlightened world (cited above). For sake of realpolitik he has chosen to retract from his earlier stance. Thus reality for him has changed over night. Surprising how cruel are the world realities. As I said earlier the world conscience is not expected to awake on call of fascist Modi. It is rather getting into slumber. Dear Pakistanis rely on your self.

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