Bleeding Kashmir

My heart bleeds for my brothers and sisters in Kashmir. I am so emotionally charged that in my personal capacity, I will not hesitate in laying down my life for Kashmiris. Ironically we are up against an enemy who is deceitful, immoral, unethical and mean to the core. Every country has the right to conduct its affairs as they choose, however in comity of nations there is a dignified behaviour. If humans are social animals, nation-states ought not to be a jungle. Israel and India by any standards cannot serve as a role model once collective attitudes are concerned. Both are oppressive, selfish and criminal states. In the global scheme of things these states are gauged on different standards. Since heinous crimes in both these states are directed against Muslims so world looks other way. Why I say that our enemy is mean to the core? It’s because of their displayed meanness. From not upholding promises of elders, to tieing a human infront of jeep for avoiding pelting of stones, to use of pellet guns, to rape, to torture and latest calls to forcefully marry Kashmiri girls. What a shame? A nation who thinks and acts like this cannot be called a civilised nation of 21st century. Beyond Kashmir, in rest of India forcing minorities to abandon their religions, stooping as low as flinching and beating those who eat beef, raping tourists. The attitudes in Kashmir are reflective of overall national psyche of Hindus. However, in pursuit of Mahabaharat, India will implode as minorities are being subjugated and cornered.

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