EHSAAS (Concern)

  1. In any human setup, it’s not people with intelligence who matter, rather it’s people with concern (EHSAAS) who matter. Yet another unfortunate incident which brings me back to the point, that as a society we need to change. Loss of son of Qamar Zaman Qaira along with his friend and many more highlights how misdeed of one person becomes price for another. Road safety, chaotic traffic and non-functioning air bags were not of the making of the young souls we lost but plethora of incompetence and indifference of people being paid for these matters. Whether we see spread of garbage, criminal activities, heinous crimes, loss of lives and plenty of ills of our society – one thing glaringly appears lacking is EHSAAS. Allama Iqbal also mentioned, ESAAS E ZIYAN JATA RAHA (concern for loss is gone). We fail to take corrective measures because we lack empathy. We don’t feel other’s loss as our loss. Our systems protect the culprits. Mafias still continue to be stronger than the government. If I was to say one attribute we must create and nurture in our society, (in us and in our families) I would say EHSAAS. If we don’t change, if we don’t understand then this is what Hazrat Allama Iqbal had projected. “If you don’t understand oh people of Hindustan, (for that matter Pakistan) you will be obliterated and your history will be lost for ever.”

Na samjhoge to mit jaoge ai hindostan walo

Tumhari dastan tak bhe na hogi dastanon men

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