Cleanliness is Half Faith

Safai Nisaf Imaan Hai. This is an injunction of Islam. We all know how far we are in this most important aspect of human life. We should be still indebted for great services of ex German Ambassador in Islamabad, Mr Martin Kobler. He stood out amongst diplomatic fraternity due to his love and concern for people of Pakistan. And here we are getting a wake up call from Dr Jens Jokisch, Charge D’ Affaires in embassy of this great nation. I salute his courage and concern that he along with his son opted to go to streets of Islamabad holding a garbage bag and broom in his hands. I at least have my head dropping down in shame that an attribute which we should be teaching to other religions is being taught to us by a friend of Pakistan. I once heard from an elder that if we allocate 100 marks to life, 50 should go to cleanliness as Islam itself says Safai Nisaf Imaan Hai. 25 should go to education as Prophet PBUH said seek education even if you have to go to China. 15 should be allocated to our dealings with each other and 10 to Faith. He said if you allocate these marks to Westerners and Muslims. In cleanliness Westerners will get 45 and we shall stand at 5. In education they will get 20 and we get 5. In dealings they get 10 and we get 5 and in faith they get 0 and we get 10. Over all they will secure 75 and we would be at 25. Isn’t it that our Islam is confined to rituals. We still believe we shall pass in test of life by getting full marks in faith ie 10. Indeed we shall not be forgiven for merely full marks in faith.
A friend of mine once said to me that there are a lot many Think Tanks in Pakistan, we should also have Action Tank. I wish we could join hands to make first ever Action Tank in Islamabad. A Cleanliness Squad. I shall love to follow example of German Ambassador and devote some time in daily or weekly routine to do brooming in streets of Islamabad. Please raise hands.

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