Geopolitics in IOR

Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is turning out to be centre stage of rivalry for 21 Century as rightly envisaged by Robert D Kaplan. Since early years of century we are witnessing a Sino- Indian rivalry in IOR with overhang of the US; the sole superpower. China laid out a strategy of String of Pearls which was countered by India’s Necklace of Diamonds. In fact there is a ‘Battle’ for ports going on in IOR. China and India have port each in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles. Duqm Port of Oman is with Indian where as nearby Djibouti is with China. Gawadar is with China and Chabahar with India. Rise of China is being contested by the US and India. Thucydides’ trap is apparently in play which projects likelihood of a conflict once a rising power challenges an established power. China is waxing while US is waning. World should realise that an agitated, reactive and frustrated sole superpower led by a mercurial leader is extremely dangerous. What recently unfolded in Sri Lanka should serve as an eye opener. Trail of involvement of India in the Easter Carnage and reports of US seeing Sri Lanka as future bastion of ISIS have a lot to tell. Sri Lanka and it’s Hambantota Port are strategically most important for contestation between US and China in IOR. US and Israel are also gaining foothold in Oman which is directly opposite Gawadar. Geopolitics is getting uglier in IOR.

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