LETgo Ego

In continuation of my blog on Evolution of Human Personality, I come to focus on Ego. Merely three letter word having tremendous impact on our personalities. The picture above gives a huge message, “we have egos bigger than universe”. I also read, “smaller the man, bigger the ego, bigger the man smaller the ego. Sigmund Freud in his Psychoanalytical Theory has divided human personality into three parts ie id, ego and superego. Our behaviour is determined by interplay of these three components. There are also three levels of Consciousness ie Unconscious: outside our awareness all time, Preconscious: knowledge and memories and Conscious: current awareness. Id, is instinctual and biological component. It remains infantile, does not change and is not affected by reality, logic or outside world. It operates in conscious part. Id seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Id is mostly headstrong. Contrarily, Ego is the structure in our brain that gives a person an identity. It is backward and less developed part of our psyche. It is our psychological component. Like id, ego also seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Ego has no concept of right or wrong. Ego is modifiable and is decision making component which operates according to reality principle. All negative emotions like, envy, anger, lust, greed and sloth are associated with ego. There are 12 functions of ego. Id is like a horse and ego is the horseman. Superego is social components it tells ego what is right and wrong. From this discussion we can conclude that ego is vulnerable in front of headstrong id, it is modifiable and we need to bridle it. I wonder why we are mostly overpowered by our ego. Is it that in my society their is bulk of small people with big ego. Forgiveness, ability to letgo, overlook and ignore is highly wanting here. On TV, I see politicians shooting at each other. Every word spoken by opponent has to be responded in same coin. Silence is the best response but it requires small ego. Let us bridle our ego. Letgo Ego.

3 thoughts on “LETgo Ego”

  1. Dear Sam it is really worth reading your blog. I would like to read more brief discussion. You should also discuss ‘fake ego’.
    Good luck


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