My Description of Life+

As I reflect more on my recent blog, “My Description of Life”, I feel life gives us an innings to play. It presents us certain choices, opportunities and challenges. It leaves to us, how we play our innings ie like Shahid Afridi (bold and aggressive) or like a player who is timid and over calculative. It presents us friends and rivals. It exposes us to good as well as evil. It leaves us to pick gold or trash. Modern life is akin to travelling on a bullet train with quick glimpses of so many things. It’s our choice what we pick and what we leave as a trash. Life will exactly become something based on choices we make. We can make it a blessing or a curse. We come across people, good and bad. Good people teach us how to behave and bad people teach us, how not to behave. Choice still stays with us. However, there is also juxtaposition of our destiny. All is not based on our decisions. Taking a cue from James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide, no coincidence in life is free of a design. All our encounters and experiences are based on a design; which seems to be nothing but our destiny. So thereby a question, how much is the liberty of action we are blessed? Answer to this question was once given by Hazrat Ali KUW, when he asked the questioner to lift his one foot and then his second. Obviously he could not lift his second foot. Hazrat Ali then explained these are bounds of our liberty of action. To say the least, life is an enigma, hard to describe but at the same time a beautiful gift of Mother Nature.

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