Islam: Despiritulized

Islam is the youngest religion of the world. Concept, prophet and book are the best. Why is it so that practitioners are not the best? Where have we gone wrong? Role of religion in a human being’s life in Pakistan is 93 percent which is highest in the world where as, it is lowest in France at 13 percent. By this analogy our society should be 7 times better than that of France, whereas we are not. Basic instincts of all humans are common so these can be set aside. Is it that we have not been taught true essence and spirit of Islam? Is it that we have sublet Islam to obscurantist maulvis? We have confined beautiful concepts of Islam to mere rituals. Sacrifice is confined to slaughtering of animal, whereas while kissing Hajrae Aswad we don’t want to sacrifice. Cleanliness, discipline and mannerism are confined to the mosque. Outside mosque everything is low. Islam is confined to Kalima, prayers and rituals. Hajj is an event which should inculcate, patience, discipline, sacrifice and forbearance. If these were there, there would be no stampedes; unfortunate hallmark of this event. I feel we even misuse our faith. While venturing on a pursuit we stay low on hard work and hedge behind wish of Allah. At the end of pursuit we intentionally do not admit our short comings and find solace in, ‘this was wish of Allah’. On these accounts, Westerners make fun of us. I am reminded of an author who was once travelling by PIA from Peshawar to Kabul to interview Osama bin Laden. He narrated in his book that on taking off, there was a recitation from Holy Quran and responsibility to take the flight safely to destination was assigned to Allah. Further on he commented, ‘seeing condition of aircraft, this was wisest thing to do’. Lately, it is being observed that not all, but many bearded Muslims are committing crimes by befooling people with their facade of religious outlook. I wonder, whether thieves have grown beards or bearded have become thieves? Whatever, the case people with beard are being seen as less trustworthy. How ironic? These goons are maligning Sunnah of Prophet PBUH. If we take into account injunctions of Islam, Holy Prophet PBUH, Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal, we are betraying all through our misdeeds. Allah may bless us to understand and follow true essence and spirit of Islam. We shall not be pardoned by Allah merely due to our beards, prayers and Kalima.

5 thoughts on “Islam: Despiritulized”

  1. Sir very scholarly. You have an absolutely different and unique way of analyzing . Very soon this is add like a breath of fresh air in the print media.
    Hope Sir u come to the university …any university to inspire and give it back to the kids and invest in the future of Pakistan.
    Loved reading this piece.


  2. True picture of the situation presented.We can’t develop without implementing the essence of Religion in true means & working on the Research like the Developed World.


  3. Exactly true and right analysis of muslims. More of such writings are needed to develop the real spirit of Islam.


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