My Description of Life

What is life? Is it primordial, eternal or temporary? Here I want to focus on worldly life ie from birth to death. It may be very hard to define life. Like beauty we might say description of life lies in the eyes of beholder. Every person will see life through own frame of reference. Having lived little over half a century I feel like attempting to define life. One word that comes to my mind is, ‘struggle’. It is a perpetual struggle. Struggle to assume life, Struggle to maintain life. Struggle to improve life. Struggle to succeed in life. Struggle to create and succeed life. Struggle between good and evil. Life isn’t a motorway. It’s rather a bumpy road. It’s a struggle to circumvent or bypass these obstacles. Life is a struggle in pursuit of excellence. It is a struggle to seek knowledge. It is a struggle to pursue objectives set by oneself. In initial stages of life one is living for oneself and then we grow to live for some one else. Life is a time slot given to us to do our part. Life is an event to play out our destiny. We are programmed to achieve something or be a source for some one else’s achievement. In life we are slaves of destiny. Our body is temporary dwelling for life. The dimension of time blessed to us is defined by ourselves through our resolve, effectiveness and perseverance. Prophets achieve much greater in lesser time than a common human. We take birth from already living systems, are brought up in a set of environment, exploit our faculties, take on various journeys, exhaust our resources, die, and take new form of life. We can also say life is the spirit which keeps our body living. Where does spirit come from and where does it go? It goes back to, from where it comes by abandoning the nonliving part right here on this planet.

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