Optimism on Future of Pakistan

The world is in transition from uni to multipolarity. The region is in transition due BRI, new regional alignments and ongoing Sino-Indian rivalry in IOR. Pakistan too is in transition from security to economy dominated state and from kleptocracy to democracy.

Moving beyond rehetorics, China- Pakistan friendship is manifesting in CPEC and future economic inter- dependence. It’s worth pondering that which country gains more. I see this partnership highly asymmetric. In every sense while China is a giant, Pakistan is a small fry. China is like bullet train with Pakistan attached as an age old bogie. In the context of geostrategy and geoeconomy, China is going to be greater gainer however, Pakistan is bound to gain even beyond these two contexts. 1400 years ago, Holy Prophet PBUH ordained Muslims to, ‘seek knowledge even if they had to go to China’. As regards knowledge, even today it will be highly beneficial for Pakistan on way to China. Key attributes of society like, knowledge, wisdom, harmony, patience, tolerance and discipline are scarce in Pakistan but in abundance in China. Besides FDI from China we should also look for CDIK (Chinese Direct Investment of Knowledge) in Pakistan.

Geostratagic location of Pakistan has repeatedly bestowed upon her a pivotal role larger than potential. Earlier such roles for the US were on way to fighting, destruction and mayhem. The third such role for China is on way to construction and development. The mere positivity of future role guarantees much better dividends than previous roles full of destruction. Geography has intertwined destinies of Pakistan and China.

It is expected that China will capacitate and uplift the functionality, management and work ethics in Pakistan. The bogie at the tail of bullet train will be compelled to catch up with speed of the train.

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