Resilience & Turbulence

‘Resilenece’ and ‘Turbulence’ are two words that best describe Pakistan. It may be apt to say that, “Resilience thy name is Pakistan”. In the midst of another bout of turbulence, it’s so nice to see a political leader who inspite of daunting challenges is thinking and acting for our future generations. Clean and Green Pakistan campaign is a trend setter for Pakistan. A country which was let to run the way it is, has found a Godsent opportunity to cleanse itself of physical as well as societal filth. The journey is long and arduous but maiden step speaks of success. There is a visible resolve in incumbents to take harsh decisions. Putin’s rise to success was initiated by his unbeleivebale firm handling of oligarchs. Pakistan too is a country where mafias have grown stronger than government. It’s high time to rein in these self-serving monsters of Pakistan. Accumulative effect of judiciary as well as government is creating shivers in spines of untouchables. My request to all is that as a social obligation for our future generstions, let us put in our bit in these efforts. Let’s not be deterred by enormity of the task in hand. Drops will make the ocean In Sha Allah.

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