In 21st century, knowledge is becoming the real power in the 21st. Chinese wisdom, knowledge and prudence gives them an edge over the rest. We Muslims were ordained by Holy Prophet PBUH, “Seek knowledge even if you have to go to China”. Never too late for Pakistan, after 1400 years, we are now on the way to China. In above quoted earlier blog, I had mentioned that besides FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) there should be CDIK (Chinese Direct Investment of Knowledge) to Pakistan. The wisdom in Confucious quote is amazing. I am reminded of President Xi Jinping who once said, “We shall redefine the subject of IR”. On this, I read Prof Dr Xiguang, who said, strategic thought of the West has been based on ethnic cleansing, clash of civilisations and divide & rule where as that of China will be win-win cooperation, integration of civilisations and all inclusive growth & development. Our alliances with the West kept us on the route to destruction, however, our journey with China is expected to be on the route to construction. We should follow this deep Confusious wisdom.

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