Battle of Narratives

“Actions speak louder than words”, however in media savvy times, words are also essential to build perceptions. It is also said that, “Perceptions are stronger than reality” which can now be modified as, “Perfection is THE REALITY”. Battle of Narratives has become so critical these days because our well intended actions can be projected in such a way that a malicious negative perception outweighs our actions. It is also said that it’s important not to do a wrong, but it’s equally important not to do a thing which can be perceived or projected wrongly. IK and his team are taking good actions but they seem to be not doing so well in battle of narratives. Agreed it’s too early to judge this government, however, it may get too late to quell once created debilitating narratives. The issues which people are facing are harsh realities, but, if people lose hope these realities will become monsters. PTI government needs to orchestrate a campaign for building narratives. People may accept load shedding, poverty, financial harships etc if they are shown light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important to speak loud and repeatedly to tell to the people THE TRUTH. If they feel government is making progress on generating electricity, reducing debt burden and increasing money in National coffers, they will find a hope. In absence of this information people are at the mercy of narratives being thrown by theives who enjoy playing on this turf; this being their strength.

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