National Solidarity Dares Challenges

Recent visit to Cairo provided me an insight to how an effective leader inspires nation, breeds solidarity and dares challenges. Expansion of Suez Canal is an epitome. Egyptian people r.aised US $ 8.2 B and project planned for 3 years was executed in merely 1 year. This expansion enabled two way traffic in Suez Canal, and ability to handle largest vessels. The project will double the number of vessels using Suez and will uplift huge area included uninhabited Sinai desert. It also includes construction of four tunnels to link Sinai with mainland and new city of Ismailia in Sinai. President Fatah al Sisi has put the country on route to development and growth. Pakistan too is facing similar challenges which warrant national solidarity and resolve. Honourable CJ has already initiated a campaign to raise funds for construction of dams, however nation seems still in slumber. I hope new PM gives a clarion call and Pakistani nation proves better in resolve and solidarity than Egyptian brothers. Long Live Pakistan.

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