A Letter to my PM

Now that Allah has rewarded our prayers, you are there as a sought after leader. Have no words to say how happy we are. Your ideas and thoughts are close to our hearts. Allah may bless you steadfastness to stay the course. Expectations are sky high but as they say no challenge is bigger than human will. I have full faith that you will succeed. I am in no position to advise you. However, based on my observations, I shall like to request you on one account. Human mind is susceptible to all kinds of ills. Some of these are power, fame, wealth and popularity. I have seen top men succumbing to these ills and beginning to falter. Your delivery on promises will be contingent upon insulation of your mind to these ills. Let me assure you sir that the psychofants will throng you. They might have already stepped in. Their primary job would be to take you farther from realities. Sir as long as you can guard against these enemies in the guise of friends, you will Inshallah succeed. Please look for those who are critical of you and tell you of your faulies. They are your real well wishers. My prayers and best wishes are with you.

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