It may not be appropriate to rejoice death of a mortal. However, there are certain mortals who become black spot on face of humanity. Mullah Fazal Ullah was one such character. What a beautiful name he carried but what an ugly character marred purity of his name. His name meant ‘bounty or virtue of Allah’. No one might have lived farther from his name as he did. He led insurgency in Sawat causing umpteen deaths. Once beaten there he shifted to Afghanistan in 2009 to continue heinous crimes. He was master mind for death of scores of innocent children in APS Peshawar and many more acts of terrorism. He had descended to lower rungs of an animal. Allah may forgive us, but we can rejoice his death on Eid day because a barbaric thug has been despatched to hell. Souls of innocent children of APS must be watching us with pride and honour. I congratulate the nation for such a splendid victory on last day of Holy month of Ramzan. Thanks to Allah.

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