Travelouge: Amalfi Coast

On 18 Apr 23, travelled to Amsterdam to celebrate Eid with elder daughter and grand children. Mahema had planned a short hop to Amalfi Coast of southern Italy – I had never heard of. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its picturesque seaside towns, cliffs, and beaches. It’s known for its stunning coastline and colorful villages with steep and narrow streets. Many towns along the Amalfi Coast have a rich historical legacywith important sights of historical and artistic value.

Took a two hour flight to Naples on 21 Apr which was Eid day in Europe. By road travelled for 1.5 hours and lodged ourselves in a serene small town named Moiano. It was a small village of not more than 100 houses. The apartment Suffian and Mahema had booked was comfortable and had good view of surrounding hills merging with the coast. After one day rest we started exploring Amalfi Coast.

On 22 our first travel was to Ravello Villa. It was old construction of 9th century. Located at summit which provided good view of area all around. From the displayed wall hangings one could gather that the premises were used for annual festivals.

From Ravello, we straight descended to Amalfi town. Mostly towns on Amalfi coast are constructed on elevating ground. Colourful buildings and small alleys with steep stairs was good experience. The sandy beach is very small and mostly these are rocky beaches. We returned to our abode after a long tiring day.

After a nights good rest next day we started a little late ie around 1 PM. We straight headed to jewel of Amalfi coast ie Positano. I would google all the places before visiting. It was strange coincidence that a day before a friend had introduced to John Steinbeck, US author. Once I googled Positano, I learnt it became famous in mid 20 Century owing to a visit by Steinbeck. My interest to see the place multiplied. Steinbeck had written an article in Harpar’s Bazaar in 1953. In which he had said, Positano, strikes deep, we do not realise how real it is once we are there but we realise once we have left.

We took 45 mins on a car to reach Positano. In anticipation of parking issues, Suffian parked car short of city and we walked down to coast. Route along road was easy but pretty long. Route along stairs was short but hard. We combined the two. Going down with little Aaliyan in pram was challenging. Experience of what Steinbeck had mentioned of steep and narrow stairs was worth it. After an arduous experience we descended to the beach. A tiny sandy beach where we relaxed on sheets and munched on snacks. Spent good quality 4 hours there, staring at surrounding rocks, colourful buildings, amazing architecture and marvels of engineering. Met a Canadian cum Indian family whose daughter Sloan was same age as Elena my grand daughter. Both girls gelled with each other and played together. The families met too and had a long chat.

Realising that going up to the car will be too hard, we boarded a bus going in that direction. Took a little while of waiting but it was a good fortune. Reached the car with ease and drove back to our abode.

Started next day a little late and followed craving of Mahema and Suffian to visit Positano once again. This time we went to the opposing side. Took photographs by camera and drone and then drove to Sorrento. A relatively large city on Amalfi coast. Spent some time on the beach passed through bazaar and reached Halaal meal restaurant named R&M Kebab. Food was ok. Both at Positano as well as Sorrento liked the quality of dress items and clothing. However seemed cost prohibitive.

Early part of night returned to our abode since had to leave for Naples for return flight at 8 AM. Once got up at 7:30 learnt Mahema and Suffian had again gone to Positano. The words of Steinbeck resonated in my mind, that Positano strikes deep. The best memories we carry of and the desire to be there again is of POSITANO. I wish one day I could visit Positano with my friend who raised my eagerness through introduction to John Steinbeck

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