Bizarre Analysis

Palki Sharma in above cited VLog has painted a dooms day scenario for Pakistan. She hails from Pakistan’s perennial enemy and nothing good can be expected from her. Her venomous analysis of situation of Pakistan is most certainly based on her wishes. There is an Urdu idiom, billi ko chhichhron ke kharaab ’ (as the bell chink so the fool thinks).

She has displayed poor understanding of the global geopolitical transitions. She has displayed certain misconceptions of future potential of the US and it’s new found darling named India. The globe is passing through multiple transitions which mainly include:

a. Power is shifting from West to the East

b. China is challenging the US hegemony

c. The US is waning power and China is a waxing power

d. 21st century is Asian century

e. Pan Americana is giving way to Pan Sinica

f. The dollar is losing its might as global currency. Country of Palki Sharma is a contributor towards that end

At the regional level a glaring transition is in play. South Asia has been in centre stage of global geopolitics of 19th and 20th centuries. In these duels of giants, there were always two belligerents, a conduit and a fodder. In 19th century, British and Soviet Empires were two belligerents, Afghanistan and neighbouring regions of British India were conduit and manpower of the region was fodder. In 20th century, the US was the one belligerent where as other was Soviet Empire and later forces of terrorism. Pakistan remained conduit for both the times and Muslim fundamentalist formed the fodder.

In case of 21st century, the US and China are arraying as likely belligerents. India is being tipped, equipped and capacitated by the US to play the role of a conduit. As India seems to be proudly gearing for this role, Hindu fundamentalist will serve as a fodder.

In 2018, the author visited Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) London to deliver a talk on China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Indian defence attaché was sitting right across the table donning Brigadier’s uniform. Towards the end of the talk, the author addressed the Indian Brigadier. Brigadier was asked that keeping in view the status of South Asia as the least integrated, the most impoverished and the most conflict prone region of the World, India should either join CPEC or should not contest CPEC. It was highlighted that this will serve well for the hapless people of the region. The Brigadier was told that the author was seeing India treading on the path of fighting. The Brigadier shrugged his shoulders and contested point of view of the author. He was told that in Indian Ocean there were at least five countries whose one port was being developed by China and second by India. There was an ongoing rivalry between China and India in Indian Ocean. Contending strategies of String of Pearls (China) and Necklace of Diamonds (India) were in play in the Indian Ocean. Over a dozen ports were being developed by China and around 8 were being developed by India. Brigadier was told by the author that this rivalry could any time turn into hostility. Later repeated escalations on Sino Indian border have been fairly serious and indication of projected hostility.

So India should logically brace for the dirty work to do for the US in 21st century geopolitics which was performed by Pakistan in 20th century geopolitics. India and its scholars like Tulsi Sharma may find solace in short term gains but in the long run India is replacing Pakistan in the wrong side of the room.

Indeed Pakistan is passing through challenging times, however Pakistan is best defined by two words, Turbulence and Resilience. Pakistan has always come out stronger, more confident, more self-assured and more resilient from every turbulence. Pakistan has always betrayed such predictions of gloom and doom. Even on the future, Pakistan will betray predictions of nay-sayers like Tulsi Sharma.

Founding father of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah had declared in 1947 that Pakistan will emerge as Pivot state on the world map. Andrew Korybko has now termed Pakistan as Pivot State of 21st century. Tulsi Sharma should better worry about future of her own country than pointing fingers at Pakistan. China and Pakistan have mutually assured destiny and soon a time will come when India is bound to face two front scenario which it had imposed on Pakistan for two decades. Better watch out TULSI SHARMA

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