Diamond Jubilee: Long Live Pakistan

https://sammilogger.blog/2018/05/27/imperilled-pakistan/ My blog of 27 May 2018. Seems most relevant as of today

Today is the 75th Birthday of Pakistan as well as the Independence Day of people of Pakistan. 74 such days have been celebrated ahead of this day with national zeal and fervour, but this day stands unique. It is unique due to menacing external threats and debilitating internal strife. The day is being celebrated with national zeal and fervour.

While the common man is visible on the streets, standing for Pakistan, displaying his love for Pakistan, displaying zeal and fervour for his motherland; the elite seems busy in its grab. Grab of power, grab of wealth, grab of self glory, even grab of country itself.

Once state of Pakistan is dispassionately analysed, one comes to conclusion that the biggest cause of Pakistan’s plight has been poor leadership (all inclusive). At the time of creation of Pakistan, providence did not give enough of life to Muhammad Ali Jinnah to give strong foundation to the nascent and feeble state. He passed away in less than 13 months. He had said in his life that he had KHOTE SIKKAY (Fake Coins) in his pocket; apparently referring to leadership surrounding him. It seemed same KHOTE SIKKAY are ruling Pakistan till today.

Pakistan has had a leadership which failed to look beyond its nose. Which remained overwhelmed by vested interests. Which was self-serving. Which wasn’t sincere to the purpose. They were good at raising slogans but failed to walk the talk. GUFTAAR KE GHAZI BAN TO GAEY KIRDAAR KE GHAZI BAN NA SAKAY (they became heroes of talk but couldn’t become heroes of character). There is a usual Chicken and Egg debate ie which preceded what? Did immaturity of political leadership invite military interventions or military interventions didn’t let political leadership to mature. It has been a vicious cycle and unfortunately military leadership also suited well to global geopolitics of respective times. The politics today being played in Pakistan indicate as if Pakistan is frozen in 19th century. Demands of 21st century are way different.

Heart of a thinking mind bleeds in seeing motherland bleeding profusely. Leadership is fake, narratives are fake, results of elections are manipulated and the country doesn’t seem to be on right track. Wrong is prevailing and right is cornered. Hard work isn’t incentivised rather unfair means are incentivised. Merit is culled and talent is buried. The common man feels frustrated because he doesn’t find his future in his hands, rather he sees it in hands of individuals serving vested interests.

Pakistan is faced with two battles. One is outside Pakistan and the second is inside Pakistan. Outside battle is regarding which camp Pakistan will be in; US or China. Inside battle is between the Status-quo and non-status-quo forces. These two battles are intertwined. Status-quo forces comprise erstwhile political parties which have badly decayed. PPP created by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto an Oxford alumni is now in grab of Asif Ali Zardari. PML created by Muhammad Ali Jinnah is now led by Mian Nawaz Sharif. JUI founded by Maulana Maudoodi is led by Maulana Fazal ur Rehman. Non status-quo forces are led by PTI.

Silver lining is that people of Pakistan are getting more aware. Even little babies of Pakistan are aware that who looted Pakistan. If we talk of future, besides rhetoric and waiting for Allah; people of Pakistan have to rise to the occasion. People of Pakistan have to make our leadership believe that internal opinion matters more than external opinion. Pakistan is owned by people of Pakistan and not by coterie of elite or US or China. People of Pakistan has to win both these battles in the best interest of Pakistan. In my opinion, destiny of Pakistan is linked with China and not the US. Secondly Pakistan has to transit to 21st century in ethics, morals and practices.

1 thought on “Diamond Jubilee: Long Live Pakistan”

  1. We as a nation are not cognizant of the internal and external threats endangering our security along with the insufficiency of counter measures taken by state


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