Imperilled Pakistan

Pakistan is passing through a period of internal strife, infighting and squabbles. It seems that every one is at loggerheads with the other. Political parties are shooting at each other. Army and politicians are exchanging barbs. Part of Pashtuns is up against the state. Evils of TTP and ISIS are staring into eyes. The society is polarised like opposing poles of a battery. Oppositely charged poles cannot coexist without sparking. It seems complete body politic of Pakistan is agitated, full of vengeance, charged and ready to cut throats. To top it all Pakistan is surrounded by hostile India, sanctioned Iran, dysfunctional Afghanistan and maliciously looking US. We have agitated environment within and without. External challenges can best be tackled by a house in order. In case of Pakistan external challenges are being exacerbated by infighting.

Pakistan needs a prophetic figure who puts a calming and soothing hand on yearning masses. With purity of thought and intention, he or she calms down every body makes bygone be bygone to let nation move-on. Every one should worry more for victory of Pakistan rather than own victory. In pursuit of own victory we are damaging each other and as a consequence weakening Pakistan.

6 thoughts on “Imperilled Pakistan”

    1. Dear Zain thanks for ur comments. Indeed we all know this but we fail to collectively deliver. Prophetic personalities aren’t visible to common people like u and me. They just appear from no where. Nelson Mandela didn’t appear as a beacon on the horizon. Once me, u and all will genuinely crave for a prophetic personality, rest assured it will appear. First accept that we are in dire need of one


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