Missing the Wood for the Trees


It’s extremely ironic that heinous crimes are not abating in our utterly Islamic society. It’s equally ironic that powers to be remain unmoved. Every time we cry hoarse on these disdainful incidents but do nothing to avoid recurrence. Legislators are shying away from legislation, judiciary is shying away from meting justice and teachers are shying away from converting animals into humans.

I have always been so much critical of our societal decay that sometimes I feel guilty of being over critical. However, ashamedly no sooner than later my intellect boils down to critiquing. I have written numerous blogs not to find faults with the society but to serve to create awareness. My above cited blog is on our contradictions. Unless we resolve or get these contradictions resolved we are not likely to find solutions.

Another aspect is equally ironic that every time in our ensuing debates we miss the wood for the trees. Essence of the issue takes a back seat and we grapple with subsidiary issues. Issues like how was she dressed, what did CCPO say, why she didn’t check the fuel etc etc are thrashed to the hilt. Both at macro and micro level visibly the focus remains flawed.

Justice should be our slogan. For a while we should forget about what’s happening outside Pakistan and we should focus on what is happening inside Pakistan. Our inner decay and disorder is more menacing than our external issues. Once house is in order external issues will fall in their place. More worrying than what’s happening to us, is the way society is reacting. Tweets, slogans, fiery speeches will not serve the purpose. Actions speak louder than words.

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