CPEC is a sine-qua-non for BRI as well as rise of China. Its significance has been amply highlighted through chrestinging it as Linchpin, Flagship, Game-changer, Early Harvest and Pivotal project of BRI. Its importance for China, Pakistan and the region is getting vindicated through fast unfolding Chinese actions.

Kurt Lewin model of change assumes that for any change there will be ENABLING forces and RESTRAINING forces. The former will seek the change to occur while the later will try to scuttle it. The lines are already drawn. It is incumbent upon enabling forces to mitigate potential of restraining forces so that change can take place uncontested. In my view China is doing bidding for Pakistan too, by mitigating potential of possible restraining forces for CPEC. Ladakh and now roping-in of Iran are meant to keep India at bay. I always held a thought that Iranian stakes must be integrated into CPEC because owing to its proximity, Iran is the only country which can create security problems in Gwadar. Visibly India was collaborating with Iran to the same end. Iran being estranged with the US is a blessing in disguise for enabling forces. Else, US would have roped-in Iran to create trouble in Gawadar which is critical for the whole system of rise of China.

Around half a trillion dollar Chinese  projects in Iran and now elbowing out of India from Chahbahar related 628 km long Chabahar-Zahedan railway line are meant to mitigate restraining forces to CPEC.

All these developments signify importance of CPEC for China which will equally augur well for future security of Pakistan as well as economic interdependence of the least integrated and conflict prone Region of SA.

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