The Sole Super Power

The US is waning and China is waxing. Indeed it’s happening. Its matter of time, may be a couple of decades or a little more to reach the tipping point. The transition is becoming fraught with risks as anticipated by Thucydides. An established power always sees an emerging power as a threat. Out of 16 such transitions 11 times there have been wars. This is called Thucydides’ Trap. The world is holding its breadth to be amongst 5 such cases where this trap was successfully averted. Couple of days ago there were drum beats of 3rd World War. I never thought it will go that far, however the danger did exist. Stephen Hawking predicted before his death that the world is in danger due to Brexit, Trump and AI. All three are there as a stark reality and Modi is also putting in his bit. In the process of waning, the US is becoming increasingly agitated and frustrated. I thus feel that, “An agitated, frustrated and reactive sole super power led by a mercurial leader is highly dangerous”. Hillary Clinton also predicted the same. We pray that sense prevails.

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