Pitiful Priorities

Education is always considered as panacea for all our social ills. Indeed it is, but if we truly realise this then our pursuits should be directed towards improving education. While travelling on Murree expressway many a times I observed huge and sprawling infrastructure on the slopes of opposing hills near Murree. I always presumed that it was a university or an educational institution. Somehow or the other, I could never presume something different in that serene environment. However, I felt pity, pity and pity once I learnt that those were Murghee Khana (Chicen Farms) of Hamza Shabaz. I have no words to explain this pitifulness. Another occasion while travelling in Lahore Cantonement I noticed an underconstruction beautiful building, again my silliness came my way and I presumed it must be a school building. I was once again horrified to know that infact it was a marriage hall. If these are our priorities then no wonder we ought to be what we are. We shall keep talking about education but will keep acting to mint money.

1 thought on “Pitiful Priorities”

  1. Indeed a sadful story which reflects our mental approach for the Education & as you mentioned the word ” Priorities “


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