Counter Strokes

Human actions are measured on various parameters like gains, stakes and moral grounds. In civility, moral grounds take the highest precedence. India and Pakistan continue exchanging strokes. India and Pakistan are also known as siamese twins. Neither they can live together nor away from each other. In India off late we are witnessing a mindset of ‘might is right’, machiavellian politics, haughtiness and stubbornness. Wiser Indians are continuously raising concerns on the way India is heading. Intolerances, subjugation and antisecularim forces are ruling the roost. Every day brings an event which takes India to further darkness. As if subjugation of Kashmir wasn’t enough Indian Supreme court passed a judgement on allocation of Babri Mosque land for construction of a temple. The timings morality of such a decision couldn’t have more absurd. While, across the divide Pakistan was busy in morally soundest act of opening of Kartarpur crossing, in India the court was dictating a shameful decision of quelling rights of minorities. Pakistan’s action has taken it to higher pedestal of moral grounds, while Indian action has taken it down the drain in morality. BJP government in India is already bent upon hurting country’s centre of gravity ie secularism. Learned and honourable judges have also jumped the bandwagon. It’s highly ironic and bizarre that complete system of India is up against minorities. One wonders where the sanity has gone in India.

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