Water Security a subset of National Security


Today attended a very fruitful session at NUST Institute of Policy Studies (NIPS). Pakistan is facing a threat of water scarced country by 2025. It was excellent initiative by NUST. They are leading the campaign to bring awareness of this daunting challenge. Eminent and accomplished speakers highlighted the issues and generated a fruitful dialogue. Once again it was highlighted how badly we are betraying blessings of Allah. We are oblivious of the needs of our future generations. Indian water manoeuvre gets further compounded by our negligence and indifference. Subsurface water level is dropping in all major cities with Quetta 6 meters per year, Lahore by 3 meters per year and Islamabad by 1 meter per year. Pakistan needs drastically cutting down tubewell drilling and has to substantially increase number of storage dams. It was highlighted that through floods of 2010, 11 and 14 Pakistan accumulatively lost 90 MAF of water. 1 MAF is equivalent of US $1B. If we had constructed storage dams this water wouldn’t have been wasted to the sea. It was also brought out that every year for last 43 years Pakistan is wasting 29 MAF of water to the sea. Accumulative worth of the wasted water is over US $1200 B. Pakistan’s resilience is well established to ward off all kind of challenges however, resilience will be irrelevant in face of water scarcity. Needs of water are simply same for a resilient and non resilient person. It’s high time that we should stop wasting our resources and should leave better Pakistan for our futue generations. Or else we shall be cursed and devoid of prayers from those whom we might leave behind water scarced.

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