In my school days a teacher said to me, “If you look for positives in every thing half of your problems will be solved”. It has become my habit and undoubtedly it works. As I approach important phase of my life, I have all the reasons to rejoice and celebrate. In my view there are three distinct phases of life. First phase is of formal education which is bestowed with youth, energy and dreams. Second phase of professional life is full of challenges and struggles. We reach to pinnacle of professional career and there comes time to retire. Third phase of retired life is final phase prior end of life. These thresholds of life are preordianed and unavoidable. Retirement is ordinarily seen as full of anxieties. Where as in my opinion its a reason to celebrate. Why I think so? Retirement bestows upon us:

-Good riddance of artificiality involving fake smiles, absorbing undesirables

-Reality dawns; one comes to know of genuine friends and well wishers

-Luxury of time to do things we miss due to professional commitments

-Greater time for most valuable blessing of life ie Family

-Liberty to do a lot, prohibited by official life

-Expansion of time and space

-Feeling of self reliance and self assurance

-Become master of will and wishes

Having lived a military life, I am reminded of Shakespearian quote, “I am bound in a nutshell and I am master of infinite space”. My infinite space was also very confined. I am moving from a pond to an ocean. I see it as an Azaadi. I intend exploring ocean of knowledge and space. Will need prayers and wishes of dear ones for this new phase. Allah may bless me what I aspire for.

13 thoughts on “Retirement”

  1. Getting retired is another experience of life. It’s just a matter of how you deal with it. It’s a chance to get many loads off of your mind.Stay Blessed


  2. Sir excellent lines to define retirement. May Allah showers his countless blessings upon you and your family. Sir my connotation about this tranformation from one phase of life to the other is that its not retiring but re-tyring refreshing to move on new highways to explore new temples of life. May Allah be with you at every step of life ahead. May you live happy healthy and prosperous life in the days to come.
    Best Regards


  3. In life you deals with challenges all the times. You finish with one other is standing. Post retirement scenario is also a challenge one has to deal it as done with past ones .


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