Risks Confronting New Delhi have Suddenly Multiplied


Validation and endorsement of one’s thoughts is a great encouragement. I have written a couple of blogs on how I see Modi’s actions in IOK. This article coming from N V Subramanian validates my thoughts. Indeed Modi has bitten more than he can chew. He is reinforcing a failure. He is fighting a losing battle. He is damaging his country on the whole. In the morning I read a statement of joker Bipin Rawat saying that Indian Army is all set to capture AJK. Not that I desire war, but I wish India commits another blunder which will serve as last nail in coffin. Both political as well as military leadership of India is serving us as a blessing in disguise. My earlier blogs are referred. Long Live Pakistan.

5 thoughts on “Risks Confronting New Delhi have Suddenly Multiplied”

  1. Pakistan has tried all the possible & peaceful ways for the solution of Kashmir but the Indian Rigidity & the world’s Silence has left us with No any other option.
    Indian Any Such move will be the Announcement for the Freedom of Kashmir!

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    1. Despite internationalizing the Kashmir issue, why the global powers and international community kept their eyes and actions far away from innocent Kashmiris. The main logic behind this issue has artistically jotted down George Eliot, he has been rightly said that ” history repeats itself”. As for more time, the international community is driving by the U.S and its alliances’ aides. If we traced back history we came to know that the U.S is a settler-colonial society. Settler-colonialism is the worst form of imperialism because it eliminates the native population. Part of the reason, for the more or less reflexive sympathy for India in the U.S is the recognition that India is pretty much reliving our history as a settler-colonial society. India has been doing the same by demolishing the basic rights of indigenous people in Kashmir


      1. At any given time there is ongoing great grand game and regional small games. World is indifferent to issues confronting Muslim world. Issue of Kashmir fits into great grand game as well as regional game. A disputed Kashmir region will hurt China as well as Pakistan. These are objectives of US as well as India

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  2. Absolutely valid observations. The psychopath Modi has kind of shot his own foot ……. The spotlight that the Kashmir issue has gotten since, isn’t going to get dimmed. If at all, it will rather gain intensity and a brightness that’d blind the shortsighted leadership of India riddled with narrow minded & bigoted propensities.


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