Axis of Real Evil

I am reminded of Hitler who said, 3rd World War will be caused by the Jews. May be, he had no exposure of Hindus once he prophesied this. Else, he would have said, 3rd World War will be caused by nexus of Jews and Hindus. On Jan 29, 2002, President Bush termed three countries as Axis of Evil ie Iran, Iraq and North Korea. In my view, the real Axis of Evil is now emerging. This real axis is putting the world in danger. Henry Kessinger has recently said ‘If you cannot hear drums of 3rd Wrold War, you must be deaf’. Nexus of Jews and Hindus is beating these drums. I find striking similarities in Jews and Hindus. Both are fascist, both are antihumnaity, both are zionist, both are confined to one single country, both are expansionsits, both are mean to the core, both are involved in ethnic cleansing, both are derogatory and repulsive to other human beings and both lack morals and ethics (a lot more is available on Google regarding similarities between Judaism and Hinduism). Israel and India have issues and disputes with all neighbouring countries. The hottest spots of the world ie ME and Kashmir are being fueled by these two countries. I think President Bush’s definition of Axis of Evil lacked similarities between alleged countries less than that of their perceived intention of harming US, but in this case there are striking and amazing similarities. The world should realise dangers of this Axis of real Evil.

2 thoughts on “Axis of Real Evil”

  1. sir, Pakistan has also used identity as a tool to highlights Kashmir issue but went into vain. it’s time to plead Kashmir issue as a humanitarian crisis rather than again using religious as a fool language.

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