Art of Interpretation

It is said that ‘there are no facts, only interpretations’. Our responses to what we observe, read, smell and touch are based on our interpretations. We interpret people’s actions and everything else, based on frames of reference we have built over period of time. These frames of reference are also linked to how various aspects are perceived in a particular group of people. If we fail to interpret in a reasonable and justified way our responses will be faulty and even flawed. It also includes interpretation of injunctions of religion. Pakistan is known as a country where role of religion in human being’s life is the maximum in the world. It is nothing to be apologetic, however instead of being a strength it has become a curse due our faulty interpretations. Unenlightened mulla and self serving masses have rendered religious injunctions ineffective rather counter productive merely due flawed interpretations. Our education system ought to promote critical thinking and art of interpretation.

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