Extremism in Pakistan

70 years’ history of Pakistan has been full of violence due Wars in Afghanistan and with India. A society living with such a prolonged violence ought to be violent. This milieu has adversely affected our national character and social fabric. It also brought ultra right to rule the roost, which used religion for vested interests in otherwise less educated masses. Thus in religious education people are taught to find reasons for discord and hatred rather than love and affection. The critical thinking is too shunned both by religious teacher as well as wordly syllabus. This makes us conformists who are used by stake holders to serve their own interests. Even movies, propel violence. Role models of Maula Jatt and Kalashinkov laden hero spraying bullets are presented to youth. The solution lies in reformation of our society. Basics of a civic society like love for all, reward for hard work, justice and fairplay need to be reinstituted. All forms of media can be employed to create awareness and take people out of clutches of those using them as pawns.

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