Stephen Hawking

Just finished A Memoir of this greatest mind of contemporary world. I was introduced to him in 1986 through his phenomenal book, A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes, to which I was drawn due my interest in black holes. He passed away on 14 Mar 18, the day is celebrated as Pi day in world of mathematics. Stephen Hawking examplified that mind is the real power a human is endowed. With crippling Motor Neuron disease, he not only defied death for over 50 years but also optimally utilised power of his mind. The usual dictum, ‘healthy body carries healthy mind’ may be modified that, ‘a strong mind can take care of a weak body’. Towards end of his memoirs he calls his disability as an asset because he could focus on research without wasting time elsewhere. WHAT A POSTIVITY? He says disabled should concentrate on things that their handicap doesn’t prevent them from doing and not regret those they cannot do. WHAT A POWERFUL MESSAGE? because we all have some form of disability.

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