Societal Decay

Societies like individuals follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Our society was still at the lower rung of needs that we had a super power in back yard and second one in our front yard. As if that wasn’t enough, again a super power came to fight GWOT. These duels cost us financially, materially, humanly and most important morally. We lost our societal character and weak society got into further decay. Gradually, we lost both guilt as well as shame which are drivers of any society. Quality of society can be gauged by two parameters. Firstly, how many rules are required to run that society? UK is on one extreme where conventions are good enough to run that society in the absence of a written constitution. Pakistan is on other extreme where legislation is needed for every mundane issue due to lacking of self realisation. Secondly, what are the pursuits of a society? 6 nuclear powers are busy exploring space and sending missions to other planets. 7th nuclear power is busy deciding whether polio drops are halaal or haraam. Uprooting of corruption and rule of law in short term and education in long term may panacea.

5 thoughts on “Societal Decay”

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