Rivlary in Indian Ocean

It is surprising how Robert D Kaplan was prophetic in predicting that Indian Ocean will be centre stage of rivalry in 21st Century. Things are unfolding exactly as he had predicted. China’s perceived Strategy of String of Pearls was countered by Indian Strategy of Necklace of Diamonds. US laid Strategy of Pivot to Asia and China countered it with Strategy of BRI. Nowadays we daily witness developments related to this rivalry. Each move is being countered with another move. In Sri Lanka, China got hold of Hambantota port while India got hold of Jafana Port. China got hold of Djiboti while India went for Duqm Port of Oman. In Mauritius China is focusing on Port Louis where as India is going for Agalega. In Seychelles too battle for ports in on. India has gone for Assumption Island and China has bid for Victoria Port. Gawadar is being countered by Chahbahar. India also attempted to create political crisis in Maldives. Game is on and Pakistan will face implications of this rivalry.

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