A Pariah State and Double Standards of the World


A dispassionate analysis leads to a conclusion that; India has remained a source of conflict in South Asia since it’s independence in 1947. It has had disputes with all of its neighbours and why shouldn’t it have? Seeing it’s strategic thought.

Strategic thought is cumulative response behaviour and attitude of a group of people built over centuries. This becomes a frame of reference of people of that group to react to a given situation. Strategic thought of India is based on Chanakya Doctrine which stipulates, “your neighbour is your natural enemy, whereas neighbour’s neighbour is your friend”. Besides that strategic thought of India is also driven by extremist Hindutva and vision of Akhand Bharat. In this milieu India’s disputes with its neighbours are logical and a foregone conclusion. It’s only for the world not to deny the obvious.

Indian hegemonic attitude has debilitated South Asia with Kautalian Dictum and perpetual instability. South Asia is thus the least integrated, conflict prone and the most impoverished region of the World. Even SAARC failed due to intransigence of India.

In the emerging geopolitics of South Asia, India has emerged as new darling of the US. However, the US is in total denial and disregard of the basic nature of Indian strategic thought. The US seems to be inhibited by BFO (Blinding flash of the obvious). The US is failing to realise that conflict-based Strategic Thought of India renders it incapable of being Net-security provider of the region. India can only suit the US, incase its objectives in the region lie in instability rather than stability.

India is now playing a huge role in marring fair-play of global systems. In 2021, there have been three incidents of stealing of Uranium, but world opted to look other way. There have been reports of drug trafficking, but world is looking other way. Even over 700 days of curfew and heinous crimes of India in Indian Occupied Kashmir has not shaken slumbering conscience of the World. Irrefutable evidence of terrorism and the World is looking other way. Confession of Indian Minister for External Affairs that India has used FATF for political purposes has laid thread-bare meanness-to-the-core of Indian polity. The World will still look other way. Since world isn’t just and fair, so attitude of the world is justified.

However, in the setting of unjust and unfair world, Pakistan must exercise its options. The video attached in the beginning builds a case for mistreated nations like Pakistan to care hoots about biased global organisations like FATF. Pakistan must exercise all of its options to record and rebut impartial attitude of FATF. People of Pakistan must support in building of the case and supporting the government against this blatant injustice.