Test of Nerves

In the emerging contours of 21st Century Geopolitics, Pakistan is feeling the heat.

It’s unfortunate but a stark reality that akin to hither-to-fore Pakistan is once again coming to the centre stage of rivalry of giants. First British and Soviet Empire, then US and Soviet Empire, then US and forces of disorder (so to say) and now US and China.

The mere criticality and importance of Pakistan for China as well as contending US is amply proven through two accounts; firstly what kind of efforts China is putting in to retain Pakistan and CPEC and secondly, what kind of efforts opposing camp is putting-in to wean Pakistan away from China and CPEC.

Once again the US has shown how ruthless it is in using and dumping others. Bad days for Pakistan started in particular with new year Tweet of President Trump ie 1 Jan 2018. Then it dawned on to the US that safe exit from Afghanistan isn’t possible sans support of Pakistan. Thus same POTUS reinitiated a bonhomie with Pakistan culminating in visit of PMIK to the US. Now that safe exit has been secured, Pakistan is finding yet again estranged US.

Whatever is happening to Pakistan now, amounts to testing its nerves. Snubbing of Pakistan at environment conference called by President Biden, then snubbing of Pakistan by refusal of President Biden to make a telephone call to PMIK and now snubbing of Pakistan by not inviting to UNSC special session is part of same orchestration. It is aimed at bringing unbearable pressure on to Pakistan. Ultimately, it comes to test of nerves of leadership.

In my PhD dissertation, Coercive US has been identified as one of main threats to CPEC. Pakistan is in deed being coerced.

Iran next doors is excellent example of resoluteness and display of steel nerves. It is expected that Pakistan will display similar steel nerves for betterment of future generations of Pakistan. Opposing forces will try their best. If we succumb we are doomed, we keep standing, these storms with wither away. I am very hopeful that present leadership will not succumb to these pressures and coercion.

3 thoughts on “Test of Nerves”

  1. Very realistic and logical blog. We must not fear any power except ALLAH Almighty. In Shaa ALLAH We will succeed if we place our trust in Allah


  2. A factual analysis of the current scenario. But tracking back into history proves Pakistan’s leadership always preferred ties with US bcz of financial interests. So, need of the time is to bring changes to the foreign policy and give way to popular leadership.


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