ME on the Edge

Iranian nuclear scientist is ‘assassinated’ reports Iran claim via

ME is a blessed, endowed and equally volatile region. Largest number of prophets descended here. It comprises 15 Muslim countries and a Jewish state. After World War 2, in May 1948, evil geniuses of the World drove Israel like a peg into the region of ME. Oil riches of the ME had been discovered 39 years ahead of creation of Israel. Ever since then Israel has amply proven genius of its creators. Israel played a role to keep Arab World on the edge so that fossil fuels stay in control of the developed world.

Credit should go to the crafty handling of affairs of ME by powers to be and curse should go to inept, selfish and un-visionary leadership of the Arab World. As admitted by George Friedman in his book, Next 100 Years, instability in ME has been a key objective of the US. A divided and chaotic ME serves interests of the US.

Seeds of Shia-Sunni split were sown right after return of Holy Prophet PBUH to his creator. The same has been covered by Lesley Hazleton in her book ‘After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam’. The way this discord has been propelled and augmented makes one at loss to decide about creditors and dis-creditors. I am reminded of a Punjabi verse of Munir Niazi

Kujj shehar de log wee zalam san

Kujj sanu maran da shauq wee see

While people were also cruel to kill, I was too, fond of getting killed

Recent developments in ME are mind boggling. Autocratic rulers of Arab World are busy in strengthening their crutches on which they have survived for so long. Their love for rule has put them on a dangerous course. The unholy alliance of prominent Arab countries with Israel is ominous for the Muslims. The most logical consequence of this bon-homie could be heightening of Shia-Sunni discord. Such an infighting among Muslims can only benefit the non-Muslims.

The tragic assassination of father of Iranian nuclear program Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh could be ominous and disastrous. It is bound to be seen as act of MOSSAD and complicity of KSA and/ or UAE. Taking a cue from Henry Kissinger, those who cannot hear drums of war in ME are deaf.

KSA has a very unique and important place in the Muslim world. It holds holiest places of Islam. A chaotic and disturbed KSA would hinder pilgrimage by Muslims. Such a consequence of actions of rulers of KSA will agonise and anguish all Muslims of the World. It’s dreadful to even contemplate such a consequence. UAE on the other hand is sitting in a house of glass. A small explosion will deflate economic bubble. One wishes and prays sense prevails sooner than later, however, wisdom is bound to come after suffering.

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