Topsy Turvy

Nature has it’s own ways to defy human-made conventions. Pre-COVID, certain functions of life that looked a blessing now seem to be a curse. Conversely, a few which were seen as a curse have transformed into a blessing.

Prior to COVID, life style of the Westerners seemed enviable. They had practically all blessings one could dream of. They would enjoy life on monthly basis and never felt a need to save for the rainy days. Infact they had altogether lost the sense of rainy days.

Surprisingly, in face of COVID those who couldn’t enjoy luxurious lives are displaying better immunity system and defence against virus. While, those who were blessed with luxuries are suffering due to weak immunity system. Those living in developed world have lived in a disease free environment which has weakened their immune system. In face of pandemic they are displaying weak resistance. And those who have lived in diseased environment are coping well with the virus.

At state level, low exports were seen as a curse for state economy. Whereas in face of COVID, economy of states with low exports seems insulated against financial shock given by COVID.

Spring used to be most colourful and lively season of the year. This time around, spring looks more like autum.

God may take us out of this situation sooner than later. Amen

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