A God’s Convo

In an unprecedented environment, the God calls for an urgent meeting of His deputies. On the stipulated day, God assumes His throne and His key deputies take their positions. God opens the convo with a melancholy never witnessed before. He says, look we had created humans and blessed them a planet so that they may enjoy their lives and be grateful to Us. Contrarily, you see how they have devastated My masterpiece planet; Earth. The most confidant disciple, scaringly intervenes and quips, Oh my Lord, I feel, homosapiens have made a few improvements also. Indeed, you are right replies the God, however, what ever improvements they have made have made them haughty. They are calling themselves as Homo-Deus. They started challenging mother nature. You all are very well aware that, mother nature does what is good for its creations, it never does what is liked by them. We bestowed intelligence upon the humans so that they may explore nature but they started challenging and contesting nature.

God continued His convo and said, look, mother nature always made interventions whenever humans went astray. Interventions included benevolence as well as wrath. Benevolence was in the form of My prophets that I descended on to them. Wrath was in the form of catastrophies to make them realise. You see, just about a millennia ago, I sent them my dearest and last prophet; Muhamamd. He taught them the best code for leading life. You may have noticed that even his followers have betrayed his teachings. I met him other day. Even, he is utterly dissatisfied with his followers. Conduct of Muslims is diametrically opposite to what they were taught by him.

The senior most and the oldest disciple supporting the point of view of God said that, indeed humans have created mayhem on planet earth. They are ruthlessly trampling rights of fellow sapiens. They are crushing the weak instead of caring for them. The rulers are self-serving and do not act as viceroy assigned by You. On going bloodshed is blemishing the face of Earth. Even women, innocent children and elderly are not being spared. They are polluting thoughts, rivers, environment, behaviours and all the systems. Their minuscule inventions have made them proud. You see, my Lord, their eminent scientist: Stephen Hawking even dared to say that, “laws of physics are good enough to run the universe, God is redundant”. We had to call him up here to correct his thoughts. Oh my Lord, I am sure Your majesty will recall once you created humans, a few of us objected to it and opined that humans will create mayhem on earth. Iblis was even punished for his unflinching resistance. He further said, “we admit that Iblis was grossly wrong and he earned Your wrath. But Oh my Lord, it is a fact that humans are testing your patience”.

God replied emphatically, you all are unaware of my designs. Iblis rightly earned my wrath. I very well know limitations of my creations. Humans are my best creation but they too are not free of ills. Indeed, humans have turned to be the most dangerous specie on planet Earth. They are a danger to all other species, to nature, to universe and to their own dwelling ie planet Earth. But you all just relax, the measures to tame this beast are also part of my design.

God continued His convo with furious looks and said, “I have decided to make an intervention”. Its essentially required, now. Humans have earned it. Lest it gets too late, I need to make corrections to their path. You see, one of the segments of homo-sapiens do not even accept my existence. In the world they are called, atheists or whatever. Look at their dietary habits. They damn well eat every moving thing. I created various species with a definite purpose. I ordained some of them not to be eaten so that these are spared to perform their assigned role. Humans on the whole are creating a serious imbalance in animal kingdom of the world in particular and all other systems in general.

You recall some time ago, We noticed waywardness in sexual behaviour of humans and we sent down disease of AIDS to put them right. Now is another time for My wrath. A couple of kind hearted disciples begged the God for mercy and benevolence. God replied, no one can love My creatures more than I do. This is also part of My love that I mete punishments to bring them to right path. If I let them go astray, it would mean I dont love them.

God said, one thing is for sure that the time is up. I want you to send down my wrath to bring them back to basics. To make them realise that what ever they achieve, they are still subservient to Us. Let’s initiate the wrath from those who are extremely wayward in dietary habits. Make them realise to spare certain species for the purpose they have been created for. Do it through a tiniest organism to make sapiens realise their worth.

I also want, God said, that, humans should be made to retract. Movement should cease and humans should get confined to their dwellings. On one hand humans will learn to be humble, spend greater time in reflections and on other hand mother planet will get time to recoup.

God passed His injunctions and called off the meeting.

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