I have always been critical of our societal decay. I feel appalled and hurt to see such incidents. The savage people in this clip are not uneducated by our standards. However, it’s not real education they seem to he hoding. Unfortunately, we have adopted a culture of exploitation of the weak. Certainly these goons will not act similarly against a peer of similar strength because they will fear retribution. Still more appalling was empathy and indifferent attitude of police present at the scene. It is so sad to note that custodians of an aspect are themselves in lead to trample the same very apsect. Maulvi is trampling religion, teachers are trampling education and lawyers are trampling the law. Our uneducated earlier generations had decency to behave in respectable way with ladies and children. Social media is proving useful to bring out ugly faces of the society so that we realise to make amends.

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