A Teacher’s Adieu

Col (R) Muhammad Bashir Teacher (Military College Jhelum) addressed passing out students of Class XII, on 17 Oct 2018. I liked it. I am sure u will too.


Be it! You are in the best of yourself, wakefully getting into the know how of the days, coming soon. It was a pleasure teaching you, wonderful young men, the hopes of their parents and the nation. Your one phase of learning is about to complete. The new horizon will open up to you soon. My earnest teaching in a number of disciplines, has given you the confidence to be sure-footed which I perceive in you. Go back home and let your parents see a fully made young man, their hopes becoming more brightened up, and you on your part never failing them. Test your stamina to the last!

Shaheen kabhi pervaaz se thak ker naee girta

Purdam hai agar tuo to naee khatra-e- uftaad

(Eagle never falls down due to tiredness, if you have guts then you need not be scared of misfortune)

My good will and prayers will remain your privilege. Be in the protection of God! Your faith in the service of Pakistan should stand firm, come what may. I am certain, your will make the best sons of this sacred land. I wish you good luck!

1 thought on “A Teacher’s Adieu”

  1. A great teacher and a wonderful human being…… He is a contemporary Baba or Peer or Saint….. Whatever you call him…… Had the privilege of his blessings for couple of years in the academy….. May ALLAH SWT bless him always. Aameen


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