Afghans’ Savagery

Whole of Pakistan is aghast at uncivilized behaviour of Afghan fans at Headingley. Indeed it was uncalled for and deplorable. However, I feel Afghan people are not to be blamed. The uncivility of Afghans is direct product of prolonged wars and conflict. The environment hasn’t let them grow. Civil society of Afghanistan got obliterated. Although genetic make up of Afghans also leads them to violence, however, decline of their civil society was thrust upon them by super powers using their lands as battle grounds. Ibne Khaldun laid out a cycle of Evolution of Civil Society, however, this evolution needs a set of environment. External interventions have torn apart the civil society of Afghanistan. It should be taken as joint responsibility of all to create that environment for evolution of Afghan civil society. However, I feel US and Indian role in yet again using Afghan lands to contain China and Pakistan will keep such environment, a far cry.

2 thoughts on “Afghans’ Savagery”

  1. Indeed this reflects the prevalent environment in the region. It also manifests the mindset of Afghan nation towards Pakistan. An eye opener for Pakistanis


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