Which Way is Pakistan Heading?

Pakistan can be viewed in two main domains ie Functional and Divinity Domains. First, the later one; creation as well as life history of Pakistan bespeaks of divine design. Besides so many other supportive indications, it is a unique country which is blessed with a splendid strategic location which generates positive as well as negative connotations. Owing to this uniqueness Pakistan has for decades played a larger role than her potential, though not free of price tag. In 70 years of history for third time Pakistan has got the opportunity to play a pivotal role. CPEC is a blessing in disguise which can only be betrayed by our incompetence. Now, in case of functional domain there are contrasting views. Some say Pakistan is bound to rise while some pessimists paint a gloomy picture. I for one feel that even in this domain Pakistan is changing very fast. Although THE WRONG is preaviling but it is under tremendous pressure. Hithertofore, banished questions are being raised. Greater realization is emerging in the society. Nationhood is improving. Pakistan has started displaying confidence, self assurance and self reliance. In the recent past some decisions were bold, unbiased and interest serving. Such a low functioning country is surprising the World with her resilience.

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